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Lil's Cats

In 2011, Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society Inc received a request for assistance from our Seniors with Animal Project (“SWAP”) volunteers to help Lillian, a senior citizen, who was an avid feral cat supporter her whole life. She was not in the best of health- she needed help caring for her 10 indoor cats and also caring and feeding her 20 outdoor beautiful and well-maintained feral cats- all were healthy, sterilized and always remained on her property. Our SWAP volunteers went 7 days a week for years to help Lil with her outdoor and indoor cats; when they were sick, they took them to the vet- when Lil got sick, they visited her in the hospital- our SWAP volunteers took care of both Lil and her cats, and even her racoons😊. Our SWAP volunteers went above and beyond helping Lil. Working with our senior citizens through our SWAP program always develops into a friendship and bonds are formed, and hearts can be broken. After many years, and many battles, Lil passed away in hospice, with one of her cats, in her arms. We always said Lil lived and fought to live for the sake of her cats; she had some very challenging health issues. The same SWAP volunteers are still caring for her ferals, but no longer at her house; but very close by. PAWS has been funding their food but we need help; if anyone can help us continue to care for Lil’s cats, please look at our Amazon wish list.

We promised Lillian we would care for her cats and we have been for many years but we are struggling a bit lately as it has been very difficult in animal rescue and welfare. We are also in need of another feeder . The area is Babylon, please contact us if you are able to help us continue the care for these cats. At this time there are about 10 cats remaining. Her remaining indoor cats were placed within the PAWS family.